BMX Awards

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Living in today’s society is rough and tough, BMX riders come in tougher and is why we recommend you keep the riders interested and striving to improve with affordable BMX Awards on hand at all times.

BMX Racing is expensive, so it’s important to consider a fair value for money trade. Obtaining affordable BMX Awards through Phirebird helps you give back to your riders so they can give back to you. BMX members pay good money to do BMX – so keep the sport buzzing with excitement and incentives that grow BMX Riders strong. We continue to expand our proven range of BMX Awards – SIGN UP for our Monthly Newsletter to receive Tips and Product Discounts.


BMX Presentation Plates

We match your event theme with custom designs that gets the crowd pumped!

BMX Digital Plates

are produced by our high tech digital media machines. Print only on the best stock available to the market.

BMX Ribbons

Our most popular item and is being love by beginner racers. BMX Ribbons are versatile and inexpensive, so give it a try on your next BMX club race! Beginner Kids love BMX Ribbons, keep them progressing every race.

We have a range of Ribbons in stock ready to go in a range of Fun and Exciting Designs and Colours.