Phirebird BMX Plates Printed and Designed in Australia

BMX Club Merchandise

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BMX Club Merchandise done right’

Like a Professional BMX Athlete, Phirebird chooses to improve every day because we don’t know any better. Forging your own path to set a standard is hard work.

“First Impressions is everything”, and when you buy quality, it keeps you looking good every season. Groups that bundle their entire range of BMX Merchandise are left with sellable items which keep the club profiting and the Club spirit alive.

In BMX racing, smooth is fast, and we like to say the same for all our orders. Every order is client approved before production begins, so you get exactly what you ordered without the hidden surprises.

Don’t let Politics get in the way of proven BMX products that kids enjoy! – PHIREBIRD


Promo Items

So many cool ways to promote BMX and your logo. Endless fundraising ideas here – ask for our Promo Catalogue!

BMX T-Shirts

Australian BMX really lacks RAD BMX tees, Send us your ideas so we can sort you out. We offer a professional and confidential serve for all private brands. Never to tell your competition.

BMX Bags

BMX bags to suit your team colours

BMX Showbags – Everyone loves a show bag especially Sprocket Rockets. We offer tailor made show bags including cool products to promote your event, team, club and/or association.

BMX Hats

BMX hats are only getting better – checkout our range that you can embroider or add some graphics too. Stay RAD on a BMX Hat! Phirebird will have you styled with over 20 hat, cap and visor options.