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BMX Graphic Design

For BMX to be taken seriously in Australia and beyond, BMX Club’s needs to consider looking their best to ensure they get the positive outcomes that come from it. Our Graphic Design firm Design, Redraw, Enhance, Digitizing, Colour Separate all logos and design to suit any application.

“The only Limitation is your Imagination”

Another big issue we see time and time again is the importance of keeping your original art file stored away and safe. Where is your Vector Art Logo ? This file is what keeps your logo looking sharp and your colour consistent.

Vector Artwork basically allows your logo size to be increased and decreased without distortion or Pixelation.

The Fresh new design we create are supplied in all the essential formats to make your life easy again. Our team uses the latest Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software for hard core designing.

We supply the below files:

  • .AI
  • .PDF
  • 300 dpi High Res Jpeg with transparent background

The BMX Graphic Design Team specialise in the Digital setup phase also. This is essential stage of the process affects your colour output  leaving you disappointed. RED IS JUST NOT RED > There are many shades of RED to consider…. Screen Printing, Embroidery, Offset Printing, Sublimation and all forms of Transfers Applications all require controlled colour matching system for the consistent look.


BMX Logo Re-Draws

The only way to ensure your Logos are represented sharp and clean no matter how big you want to go. You need Vector Art!

BMX Logo Creations

Majority of Bad ass looking designs come from the Phirebird Art department

BMX Event Flyers

Maximize your event numbers with event flyers that promote your event sponsors and gets everyone excited to race.

BMX Content Assets

Social media is all about quality content, ensure you catch everyone’s attention with classy bright designs