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BMX Jerseys

With so many jersey manufacturing options BMX has become diluted with a culture shock of design.

The world of BMX is a very small market compared to other mainstream sports. Unfortunately designs from other sport codes are contaminating the culture of BMX. Poorly designed BMX jerseys do more harm to BMX than you might think. In BMX style and flow is everything and when kids are forced to wear a jersey that represent something other than BMX it kinda deflates the BMX Excitement of being cool and getting social media likes.

Phirebird’s Custom BMX Race Jerseys have had many legends of the sport represent their threads during the most historic years of BMX. Phirebird now offers Team, Privateers, Club the opportunity to have their own personal racing identity that keeps up with the full factory riders. It’s just the rider wearing the threads has to now roll up the sleeves and start progressing.

Our Australian BMX Jerseys are built with the finest high performance Air control Micro Mesh which seems to hold up in some big crashes our athletes have experienced.

  • 2 different BMX Jersey Patterns

  • Setin Sleeve Jersey with Round or V-Neck

  • Raglan Sleeve Self fabric V-neck Collar Elastic banded cuff finish

  • Personalized Name and Number DESIGN is FREE for every JERSEY!

  • We are proud of our 100% Australian Made BMX Racing Jerseys.

  • At one stage to tried to take our operations overseas but to be honest its not worth the money.

  • Colours are vibrant from USA made printing inks.

  • Ride your own race and stop looking around…



BMX Jersey Raglan

Unisex & Youth


Thousands of races are representing the perfect fitting BMX Racing Jersey every season.

BMX Jersey – Set in Sleeve

Unisex and Youth


Same same but different, set-in sleeve offers different design layout options. More old school we would say!


BMX Ride Shirt

Unisex and Youth


BMX short sleeve RIDE tees are set for FUN weekend trail sessions…