Phirebird BMX Plates Printed and Designed in Australia

BMX Plates

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BMX Plates

Affordable and 100% Australian made BMX Plates since 1999. Generations of Racers have been receiving Phirebird BMX Plates.

We Locally Manufacture our BMX Plates;

  • Mini Wheeler BMX Plates
  • BMX Event Plates
  • BMX Event Race Plates
  • BMX Presentation Award Plates

All Graphics are Screen Printed or Digitally Printed to suit your occasion – CUSTOM BMX PLATE SHAPES AVAILABLE ANYTIME.


BMX Club Plates

Enjoy having your Club Logo represented on the fastest BMX Plates in BMX. Your personally branded BMX Club Plates are Screen Printed or Digitally Printed and individually packed ready for club retail. Mix your class colours to reach minimal quantities.

All Phirebird BMX Plates are supplied on high impact Plastic to comply with BMXA BMX plate class colour regulations. All BMX Plates are Slim-Line fitting and constructed to suit all bar types and fast riding.

Digital Printed BMX Plates

Phirebird’s state of the art digital printing division opens the doors to unlimited graphics and colour options. All BMX Digital Plates are designed with custom graphics Name | Number | Sponsors

  • Printed on UV treated stock.
  • Applied to MAC Plate (Pro or Junior Size)
  • Velcro fastening system to suit all bar types.
  • Mix plate colours to reach minimum quantities.
  • Available in class colours to comply with BMXA regulations.

CONTACT US to arrange your Custom BMX Digital Plate

BMX Presentation Plates

Themed designed BMX Presentation Plates to suit your next BMX Event. BMX Presentation Plates compliment additional awards while adding massive value to your overall event and its sponsors. BMX Presentation Plates are designed for home display ‘ONLY”and come in a range of creative shapes.

BMX Event Plates

NO hidden surprises on Race day! Phirebird has never missed a deadline, our fast easy ordering solutions give event organizers one less thing to stress about.  Plate graphics are Screen Printed or Digitally Printed for large or small events.

  • MINI Wheeler, Sprockets, Boys & Girls Challenge Classes and Elite Riders comply with BMXA regulations.
  • Packaged in Race Order with Race Digits
  • Room for event Sponsors
  • Fastening system included Slim-Line one size fits all BMX Race Plate.
  • Numerous fastening combinations to suit all bar types“ Zip Tie fastening option only”