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PHIREBIRD’s Previous Projects

The sooner you get started with Phirebird, the sooner you will start enjoying your BMX. Once we have your approval to proceed our Elite Design Team jump right into the action and don’t stop until your 100% satisfied with the final piece.

We are constantly thrilled by our client’s successes on and off the track. No matter how big or small, every order is delivered with quality and style. Choose from a range of products, including BMX Plates, BMX Jerseys, BMX Awards and so much more.

WE love BMX as much as you, so let’s work together and start building BMX from the ground up

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Mount Isa Island BMX Club Jerseys

Island BMX Club is also know as Mount Isa BMX Club, they are certainly a passionate bunch of BMXers. They were super happy with their new Custom BMX Jerseys designed by Phirebird.

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RIDE FOR TRAV BMX Jerseys were custom designed in memory of an awesome BMXer called Travis Kramer, he was known for making the crowd have laugh with his fun personality' Fly Hi Trav #RIP #RADbmxer [...]

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Sarina BMX Jerseys

Sarina BMX Club are looking the part in their new Custom BMX Jersey, with bright colours representing their Logo with Pride.

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San Remo BMX Polos

San Remo is a recently new Club, and taking things seriously they are creating the BMX Culture from the ground up. Keep moving forward guys and you look awesome in your Phirebird Custom BMX Polos.

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YESS Australia BMX Polos

YESS Australia BMX Team have been working with Phirebird for along time, both Phirebird and Bunny have been in the sport for over 20 years. Bunny from BB Cycles is the master behind this successful [...]

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BMX North Queenslad Polos 2017

These Custom Designed BMX Polos from Phirebird compliment the Team Jerseys, feels good being apart of a Team, its feel even better when the design is RAD'

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BSX 2017

Kindly donated these plates to assist BMXultra.com with their massive fundraising efforts each year.

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2016 TASMANIA State Titles

Phirebird Events plates are designed to get maximum exposure for event sponsors. Do it well and they should be keen to support your next years event.