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Our Work

The sooner you get started with Phirebird, the sooner you will start enjoying your BMX. Once we get your approval to proceed Our Elite Design Team jump into action and don’t stop until your 100% satisfied with the final piece.
We are constantly thrilled by our clients successes on and off the track. No matter how big or small, every order is delivered with quality and style.

WE love BMX as much as you, so lets work together and start building BMX from the ground up’

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BSX 2017

Kindly donated these plates to assist BMXultra.com with their massive fundraising efforts each year.

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2016 TASMANIA State Titles

Phirebird Events plates are designed to get maximum exposure for event sponsors. Do it well and they should be keen to support your next years event.

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BMX Event Race Plates are perfect for any Event, big or small.  BMX plates are packed in requested order and supplied with Vinyl Numbers applied and Zip Ties included.

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Slick profiled Phirebird Event Race plate, 2 Colour Screen Print, with a design to take display event sponsors loud and proud.

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An oldie but a goodie, well received Custom BMX T-shirt amongst the loyal followers of Australians popular website.

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BMXULTRA.com T-Shirts

Legend BMX Racing, advocate Shane Jenkins from BMXultra.com choices to get his event merchandise from Phirebird.

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Inspiring design that everyone can keep as a collector items, its awesome when you see our Screen Printed tees still getting around 4yrs later. The promotional value is massive and is why this event goes [...]