The standard of BMX Racing around the globe has become extremely professional and competitive. For a rider to achieve world class riding abilities that’s on par with the world’s best requires a lot of hard work.

For more riders to obtain this level of racing, it becomes a team effort.
As you know Pro Careers begin around the age of 16yrs, and so its important that the environment is constantly fun and inspiring for riders to progress and families to enjoy the lifestyle that goes with it.

Connecting and building relationships with like minded people is essential to getting through a decade of adventures and the amazing memories that everyone becomes apart of.

For the riders best interest – it’s essential BMX Club’s focus on pathways and healthy development for every participating member. Athletes require positive and encouraging environments for long term bike progression and personal development.

WORKING SMARTER NOT HARDER creates a culture that focuses on healthy good fun which eventually leads to successful racing Careers.

Support your members and they will support you’ A good club ensures the social and competitive needs of all participants are met.

Build your BMX Club with Government Grants, Local Sponsorship, BMX Activities, Merchandise Sales, Canteen Operations, Fund Raising to re-invest in: Club Infrastructure | Riders | Coaches | Officials | First Aid | Club Systems. #bmxvolunteers #welovebmx

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